International Coaching Federation European Forum meeting in Budapest

Some pictures from International Coaching Federation European Forum meeting in Budapest that I participated in.
ICF leaders from 23 countries were present — 20 existing chapters and 3 chapters that are being formed, including Cyprus, which I represented.
Participants shared best practices about ICF chapter creation, management, succession planning, helping new members to navigate ICF, marketing and promotions and organising coaching events.
It should be noted that professional coaching industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. In fact coaching is the second fastest growing industry worldwide.
As stated by Forbes the coaching industry — expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6% — will be worth an estimated $27.5 billion by 2026.
In 2022 International Coaching Federation surpassed 50,000 ICF Members Worldwide. Membership has grown steadily since ICF’s founding. In the past 10 years, the total number of members has increased by 160%, and more than 20,000 new members have joined in just the last five years alone.
And while the popularity of coaching continues to grow, so does the evidence supporting its efficacy. For example a Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.
It was a great luck to be at this Forum and to meet with colleagues all across Europe. I got so much support and valuable advice concerning our Chapter opening process on Cyprus. Some of the ICF Chapters Presidents even volunteered to become members of Cyprus Chapter Advisory Board.
On December 10 the Cyprus Initiative Group will be meeting in Larnaca to discuss By-laws and election process. Stay tuned for further developments!